Services For Buyers

High-End Technology For Buyers

When you select Mississippi Commercial Realty to exclusively represent you as agent for buying your property, you’ll benefit from years of expertise and you’ll receive a high level of professional service attentive to your needs. 

Buying property effectively is much more than just driving around looking for the perfect site for your business. The process today involves using technology to find all the properties that might meet your needs, then determining the right zoning and the appropriate demographics to make your business a success. If you need the perfect location to sell toothbrushes we can tell you what area within a 3 minute drive time spends the most money on toothbrushes. That increases your chance for business success.

Our Expertise Helps Your Purchase Go Smoothly  

Buyers enjoy a comprehensive list of services: 

  1. Appropriate properties will be identified through my own contacts as well as through a computer search using multiple databases exclusively for commercial property: MSCREX, Crexi, Loopnet, LACDB and CCIM. Only commercial agents have access to these databases which contain thousands of properties for sale, and you must be a member to access the entire database of thousands of properties for sale or lease.
  2. You will have access to all available properties for the correct zoning. We use the latest technology to prepare a summary for you which includes a street map and property description in pdf format which can be emailed to you.
  3. You will also have access to properties that are not currently listed, but might be excellent candidates for your consideration. Using the latest satellite technology can be effective in identifying the correct size of a building and proximity to highways. This sometimes requires exhaustive work to locate the owner and negotiate a transaction for you, but this is a higher level of service we provide.
  4. Once a target property has been located, making a written offer can be tricky. I provide a comprehensive purchase agreement which is drafted for your situation to protect you. Almost any unknown is addressed which reduces your risk and liability in the future. With thousands of dollars at stake, this is no place to use form documents or attempt this alone. When I represent you as your exclusive agent, I work to protect you. A comprehensive document explains who is liable for just about any situation that might occur.
  5. Buying commercial property requires strong negotiating skills. With an agent representing you, the process stays on track without getting distracted by emotional conflict.

High Level Service  

My commitment to you is to provide the highest level of service possible, with a professional attitude in every task, every day. I adhere to the highest ethical standards and provide a comprehensive approach to make your real estate decisions easier.  When you work with me as your exclusive agent, my services are available to you for free because it is customary for the seller to pay the agent fee.