Need to Rent Office Space?

Need to Rent Office Space?

Renting office space can be complicated and expensive when your personal guarantee is on the line.


If you are opening a new business or expanding to a new location and need to lease new office space, make sure you are represented by an expert looking out for your best interests. Landlords have restrictive lease agreements, a slew of attorneys, and make a living at leasing office space. If this is your first time leasing space, you won’t get a good deal and could unknowingly agree to a personal financial burden. We can protect you.

Landlords often require a section in the lease agreement called “In Solidido” which means if you sign the lease and eventually can’t pay the rent, the landlord can come after your personal assets.

We can help you with all the hidden aspects of finding and leasing office space, including:

  1. Preparing a comprehensive list of all office properties available for lease, both listed by any broker and unlisted.
  2. Setting up a tour of your short list of office spaces that meet your specific criteria.
  3. Comparing various criteria of different spaces and their leases.
  4. Negotiating in your best interest with the landlord’s agent, attorney and property manager to get the best deal for you.
  5. Reviewing the lease agreement for real estate traps and negotiating changes in your best interest.
  6. Negotiating improvements in your office space and make the landlord pay for it.

You get all these services…and more….and you don’t have to pay for them. Whenever you lease office space, your agent, representing you, is actually paid by the landlord. So call for an appointment today to review what you need to get your new office tomorrow.